Panorama de la Transición Energética 2019

«DNV GL predice que se desarrollará una transición rápida dentro de una generación: a mediados de siglo, la combinación de energía se dividirá casi por igual entre fuentes fósiles y no fósiles.»

Since first publishing our Outlook in 2017, it has rapidly become a widely-referenced and authoritative forecast on the developments in the energy landscape and their impact on industry and society.

Our latest report reveals:

  • A rapid transition characterized by widespread electrification, with over 60% of that power supplied by wind and solar PV
  • By mid-century the energy mix will be split almost equally between fossil and non-fossil sources
  • Oil declines steeply after 2030, with gas taking over as the largest energy source before flattening out from the mid-2030s
  • Emissions will continue to rise until 2025 and will be far from net zero by 2050

Our 2019 Energy Transition Outlook comprises a suite of reports that are now available to download free-of-charge. These include a main report, an executive summary, and separate reports that assess the implications of our forecast on the oil and gas, power, and maritime industries globally and by geographic region.

Download your copy today to find out how the energy transition will impact your business now and in the future.

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